Jennifer is an intuitive healer, empath and natural teacher. she has over 10 years+ of experience helping individuals of all abilities, ages, and levels of awareness with re-aligning and connecting to optimal health, wellness and their true potential. She utilizes the healing gifts of yoga, hands-on-energy healing (reiki), light therapy, guided meditation/visualization, and sound therapy techniques as vehicles for change and transformation.


She offers expansive workshops as well as birth services . as a birth doula she holds sacred space for both parents and babies during the birth journey, by providing informational support, comfort measures and emotional reassurance . She absolutely loves what she does and believes in the power of intention + healing=magic.

Mark began his journey with a deep inner voice guiding him to his passion of giving back to society in a way that empowers their hearts and souls. He believes alignment of energies with love and compassion creates a frequency that is healing towards oneself and others.

As a Reiki Master, he is able to channel life force energy for healing and intuitively recognize any blockages that could hinder someone’s growth. With the advancements of technology, Mark introduces a spiritual tool which accelerates the learning of meditation with no effort by the user with the use of flickering lights. This spiritual tool is called the Ajna Light. With the diverse healing modalities, Mark would love to spread and share the knowledge and experience to the world.